I’m usually pretty easy to get hold of, here’s how I use different channels to communicate with people and how best to contact me.


This is the easiest way to contact me. I’ll usually respond quickly. The address is [email protected].


My DMs are usually open, and I will usually respond. I tend to announce anything interesting I’m going to be doing on Twitter, so follow if you can. My handle is @pondidum.

Twitch & YouTube

I used to stream a lot of software development but had to stop as I just didn’t get enough downtime, and something had to give. I might start again on a much lighter schedule at some point in the future. It’ll be announced on Twitter if I do. My channel is Pondidum. There is a YouTube channel with all my past streams too.


I don’t have a LinkedIn account, and I have no intention of getting one. If you find me on LinkedIn, it’s not actually me.


I only log into Skype when something is arranged for it. Email me, and we can work out if Skype is the right medium to communicate.

What I will respond to

Enquiries about speaking at events will always get a response, even if I have to decline.

My rough rules for speaking at events, which are not set in stone are as follows. All assume I am available on a given date:

  • Local (In Finland) - I’ll gladly come and speak
  • Non-Profit/Community (abroad) - Depends on how interesting the location/event looks to me
  • For-Profit/Corporate (abroad) - Cover my Hotel & Travel Expenses

What I might respond to

I do not do tech-support unless we have a commercial agreement in place. If it’s an issue with a library I maintain, a Github Issue is your best bet.

If your message doesn’t explicitly look like it needs a response or it’s vague or not clear what the purpose is, you may not hear back from me.